Alive! - The Sideshow Collection Enamel Pin

Alive! - The Sideshow Collection Enamel Pin


Based on vintage sideshow and carnival artwork, and designed to look like they came from that era! We have a very limited amount of individual pins left over from the original collected sets.

- Designed by Kris McClanahan
- Soft Enamel with Epoxy Topcoat
- 2 Colorway Options
- Double & Single Posts with Rubber Clutch
- Gold Metal
- Limited Edition of 50 of each color!
- Back is Logo stamped & Dated

NOTE - This was a kickstarter project and stock is limited to remaining pins after the rewards have been filled, and may go fast! If you would like in on our future monthly Kickstarter pin designs, be sure to visit and sign up for our newsletter!

Color Variant:
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