Backers-Only Enamel Pins

Backers-Only Enamel Pins

from 11.00


In addition to our new designs of pins, backers can mix and match any of our currently available pin designs for a discounted price!


  • Strange and Unusual Beast - Regular Version

  • Strange and Unusual Beast - Strange Variant

  • Strange and Unusual Beast - Ghost Variant

  • Ocula the Vampire Eyeball - Blue and Green

  • B is for Boomstick

  • Tick - Red Variant

  • Dapper Tentacle - Red Variant

  • Half-Human??? - Blue Variant

  • Half-Human??? - Black and Gold

  • Alive - Red and Gold

  • Alive - Black and Gold

  • Nature's Unique Oddities - Red and Blue

  • Nature's Unique Oddities - Black and Gold

  • Eleven Waffle

  • Winter Krampus - Blue Demon

  • Krampus Nutcracker

  • Cthulhu In A Box

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  • These pins will ship alongside the rewards!

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